Katherine Khor

Katherine was born on the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia... famous for its food and history.

She moved to Singapore for High School after being awarded the ASEAN Scholarship. She is an Ellice Handy Valedictorian Medallist, Helene Tan Chin Tuan Scholar, Singapore International Foundation Fellow and recipient of the President Guide's Award from His Excellency S.R. Nathan, (then) President of Singapore. Katherine was also accepted to MENSA International at 13.

She was awarded the US$300,000 Freeman Scholarship in 2004 for her undergraduate studies at Wesleyan University where she double majored in Economics and the College of Social Studies. There, she was introduced to Nietzsche, and thus began their lifelong, antagonistic love affair.

Katherine is currently building Beanstalk, a social investment idea platform where investment ideas are fun and approachable for everyone. She was previously a Vice President at Fundstrat Global Advisors, where she was also a founding member. Earlier, she served as a Portfolio Strategist with J.P. Morgan's US Equity and Quantitative Strategy group where she analyzed macroeconomic data to formulate investment strategies based on style and sector themes. Prior to that, she was an analyst at Goldman Sachs. 

Katherine enjoys thinking up innovative (and often quirky, bizarre) ideas; some more "mainstream-acceptable" than others. Among them, "Garlic as a Potential Mouthwash" went on to winning the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Science Merit Award. Other award winning ideas include "Making a Fizzy Healthy drink" — an organic, all-natural soda! 

When time permits, Katherine dabbles in photography, art, reading, baking, hiking and horse-riding. She is a classical pianist (certified in both Music Theory and Practical from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) and has a black belt in Karate from the Budokan Association. Katherine is also very fond of strategy games : Chess, Checkers, Bridge (and Euchre too!), Civilization, Starcraft. Most recently, Settlers of Catan. 

Katherine loves a good adventure and enjoys traveling. To date, she has visited over 30 countries and plans to continue adding to the score. She has lived for extended periods of time in Malaysia, Singapore, Beijing, London, Hong Kong and the USA.

She is a quasi-teetotaler, and also abstains from drinking coffee or tea. Rather, she guzzles diet Coke by the gallons each day (but given the choice would go for diet Root Beer). Update: She is now trying to cut down on her diet Coke consumption. 

Katherine resides in San Francisco and New York and would love to meet interesting people with intriguing ideas!